Letter from MNIPL Leadership

Welcome to Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light’s Carbon Tracker. Create an account, learn about your family's impact and be inspired by a variety of technological and behavioral steps, customized for your individual household.  These actions range from Easy to Challenging, and the savings to be gained from each is displayed. Background information accompanies every action to enhance your knowledge and confidence in the energy-environment arena.   Over the year, you can enter the Tracker whenever you wish, to record new actions and review your progress.    


If you do not find your faith community on the list as you create your account, contact MNIPL, and we will gladly add it.


Welcome aboard from the MNIPL Team!

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The weather is changing and we can feel it.  Climate change is happening faster than predicted and already impacting our world with more severe storms, droughts, fires and floods.  These changes impact those with the least resources first and hardest and will affect everyone significantly in our children's lifetimes.  The choices we make in next 10-15 years are very important to protecting our health and our future.  The good news is we have solutions and there is a lot everyone can do to help.  In fact, together we can make a big difference.  The better news – these solutions don’t compromise our quality of life, and can also save money, improve our health and create local jobs.  Join the challenge and learn more about how you can make choices that will help create a safer, healthier future.